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Even with the advances of Internet and digital media, print design is still one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. Each subtle inflection or thought that you present in your printed materials impacts your customers’ judgment — resulting in decisions that either favor or reject your brand. We will develop print materials that reinforce your brand proposition on all points.

Print design is more than just ink and paper.

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"I believe connecting the essence of the targeted brand identity with outlets available to digitally implement a solid online marketing strategy is the strongest plan for most businesses."

Graphic Design

Essential to any business, we can make your printed material essential to your brand, too, with Graphic Design.

It is often important to reach out to consumers using many channels of communication. Sometimes this includes print media. Brandetour offers a complete range of design services to help create your graphic identity or complement your online marketing campaigns. These graphic designs and print production include:

Business Cards & Collateral

Logos & Identity

Magazines & Brochures

Direct Mailers

Art & Illustration



Large Format & Display

Advertising Design

Infographic Design

T-Shirts & Apparel


Logo Design

Brandetour has talented graphic designers who can positively shape the perception of your business with a professional, quality design in a creative, simple format. Our logo design process includes identifying your preferences in logo styles, font types, colors, and we can assist with taglines if needed. We package these ideas into conceptual designs which are tweaked to become your final logo.

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Illustration, Digital Photography and Video & Audio Production

Unique illustration for infographics, product logos, service marks, and other attention-getting for Web, mobile, social media platforms and email marking can all be part of ensuring strong continuity for your company’s branding in the physical and online marketplaces.

Brandetour also offers resources for videography and video / audio production and editing.


With 30 years and experience, our firm can offer tremendous assistance in the development of intriguing creative elements and capture the essence of your brand.

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These are just a few things that we can do for you.

  • • Branding

  • • Web Design & Development

  • • Copywriting

  • • Illustration

  • • Art Decoration

  • • Identity Systems

  • • Print & Package Design

  • • Naming

  • • Photography & Videography

  • • Creative Consulting

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